Benefits and Features:
Jack of all Sprays™ is a high quality industrial low viscosity oil that has the ability to quickly penetrate into the interstices between stuck parts. Its high film strength prevents wear, resists oxidation and corrosion, is a self-healing film former and its high polarity promotes creeping and re-lubrication of areas forced dry of oil. American Oil since 1895® Jack of all Sprays™ is produced from the highest quality bio-degradable base stocks available in today’s market. In addition to having excellent lubrication properties, the product contains selected additives to obtain acid and alkali resistance, water displacing properties, excellent rust prevention, oxidation stability and penetration. The high polarity of the product enables it to “creep “and “wet” the metal surface for complete lubrication and protection.

Jack of all Sprays™ is perfect for industrial and home applications, especially where a highquality, multi-purpose, penetrating, rust busting and coating lubricant is needed. Applications for Jack of all Sprays™ include industrial, construction, automotive, rigging, farm, marine, oil production, drilling and anywhere a lubricant for maintenance is needed. ​

History of Jack of All Sprays:
When others can’t … Jack can! Jack of all Sprays® lubricates, penetrates, rust busts and protects. It is one product that does the job of many. And when it comes to the toughest jobs, Jack acts quickly to loosen rusted and stuck parts, provide protection against rust and corrosion, and lubricate intricate moving parts. Jack is a foaming, non-drip, odorless, biodegradable and non- toxic product that is also NSF H2 food grade and USDA approved. Jack will not crack rubber or damage plastic parts and is safe for seals and wire terminals. Jack of all Sprays® was born from Vitalife® wire rope lubricants, which was developed by American Oil since 1895® to protect the cables of the Brooklyn Bridge over 100 years ago, Vitalife Bio Lube our newest technology was developed to lubricate cables in environmentally sensitive areas with the harshest conditions on the planet, including off shore drilling and marine applications. Jack combines the historic penetrating and protecting properties of Vitalife® with the new biodegradable technology to create superior performance that will not harm the environment. From the garage to the shop and everything in between, Jack is safely “Solving problems one spray at a time.”

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